China manufacturer China CZPT CZPT Trailer with CZPT Axles for Cargo Loading Transport axle deadlift

Product Description

Product Description

Side fence trailer /cargo trailer /Van trailer/side fence trailer 

Tri axle side wall trailer is a trailer pulled by a truck tractor and used to haul bulk commodity products, such as grain. These trailers are used extensively throughout the Africa to transport agricultural products as well as any other commodity that can be hauled in bulk and loaded and unloaded through the trailer.

The small door of the side wall semi trailer facilitates the loading and unloading of grain.

50 ton tri axle dropside trailer for sale give customer longer tire life, better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs, resulting in higher revenue and lower operating costs, greatly improving your overall profit.

The tri axle dropside trailer has lightweight design, durable. The body is light in weight and has a strong load capacity 50ton.

With a staggering 60-ton load capacity, the our 60 ton 3 axle drop side semi trailer for sale is built to handle the toughest and heaviest loads.

Whether you’re transporting construction materials, machinery, or other oversized cargo, this trailer has the strength and capacity to get the job done efficiently.  The drop side feature of this 60 ton 3 axle drop side semi trailer for sale provides unmatched convenience and flexibility. Loading and unloading your cargo becomes a breeze, thanks to the easy-access sides that can be lowered.

Featuring a robust tri-axle suspension system, our 60t tri axle sideboard trailer ensures a smooth and stable ride, making it ideal for long-distance hauling. The sideboard design also provides added security for your cargo, keeping it safe and protected during transport.

But that’s not all – the 60t tri axle sideboard traileralso boasts a spacious and versatile interior, allowing for easy loading and unloading of your goods. And with a weight capacity of up to 60 tons, you can be sure that this trailer will get the job done, no matter how big or small your shipment may be.


Fence cargo trailer was popular by logistics companies as its multipurpose application.It uses to load a wide range of products and materials, like sand, bags, poultry, etc. Also some bulk cargo, very widely used in the transportation industry.

Fence flatbed trailer can be used to load the containers after adopt the container locks for it. 

We production the sidewall trailer fence semi trailer adopts high-quality material, important accessories and configuration all adopt domestic and aboard brands.

Main beam adopts Q345 high strength steel, stability and safety when operating in harsh road conditions. This makes the product long service time, save maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency.


1. Side fence trailer adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the side wall semi trailer, it can make the sidewall trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life.

2. Fence trailer uses automatic arc-submerging welding method to weld the main beam, so the main beam is more stronger and more durable.

3. Hight quality side wall, make sure the stable and safety of the loads.

4. Also the trailers floor is checker plate, this will keep the other bulk cargo more stable, like the bags, or long stuff.

5. To make sure the service life of the side wall semi trailers, all the spare parts we adopt are world famous brand. 


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1. Cargo trailer adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the fence cargo semi trailer, it can make the trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life.

2. The semi trailer floor is checker plate, this will keep the bulk cargo more stable, like the bags, or long stuff.

3. To make sure the service life of the semi trailer, all the spare parts  adopt are world famous brand. 

4. Hight quality side wall, make sure the stable and safety of the loads.

5. China semi trailer price is cheaper than your local market.

Product Parameters

The flatbed semi trailer with detachable long sidewall use to load a wide range of bulk cargo, like sand, bags, poultry etc. Fence semi trailer is very widely used in the transportation industry. Suitable for the mid/long distance transportation of the mid/heavy duty bulk cargo. The stake semi trailer can be added with a container turn lock to transport the container.

China semi trailer has a fence structure design. we have 2/3/4 axles, and load capacity has 30/40/60/80/100 tons for your choice. Customizable color and side wall height.

Specifications of sidewall trailer/fence trailer/dropside wall trailer/cargo trailer 

Parameter of cargo trailer /enclosed side wall trailer/dropside all trailer ,cargo semi trailer 



Lifting capacity

5ton – 35ton

Tare weight



12500x2500x2550mm+(with removeable sidewall 800mm)

Wheel base



Main beam

Beam height 500mm, upper plate-14mm, bottom plate double 8mm, middle plate-16mm, made of q345 steel

Cross/side beam

Q235, channel steel

Box thickness(mm)

Bottom: 3mm, side: 2mm


Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust,coat of anti-corrosive prime,2coatsof finalpaints

Tool box



Long member beams be co2 arc welded by 80% penetration on external side and bead.all

Other parts welding with mag process



3x13ton CZPT axle


Mechanical suspension

Leaf spring



12r22.5 ,13pcs,triangle tire



King pin

Jost king pin bolt-in type 50mm

Landing gear

Double speed,external 28tons

Brake system

Wabco valve dual line braking system

Electrical system

1 voltage 24v 2 receptacle:7ways(7wire harness)

Tail lamp with turn signal,brake light&reflectors



Packaging & Shipping

Transportation of roll-offs:

For long-distance transportation of side wall cargo trailer, roll-off transportation may be used. This method involves loading the side wall cargo trailer onto a specialized roll-off container, which can be easily rolled on and off the transportation vehicle. This transportation method is fast and efficient for loading and unloading the side wall cargo trailer

Crating of framed containers:

Another transportation method for Sside wall cargo trailer is crating within framed containers. In this method, the side wall cargo trailer is placed inside a specially designed framed container, which provides additional protection during transportation. The container can be loaded CZPT a transportation vehicle and secured in place for safe transport.

Transportation of bulk cargo:

For short-distance transportation of side wall cargo trailer, bulk cargo transportation may be used. This method often involves loading the side wall cargo trailer onto a flatbed truck and securing it in place for transport. This method is efficient for transporting side wall cargo trailer over short distances, such as within a city or town.


Company Profile

SOLID was founded in 2008 year. Since then, SOLID has stood at the forefront of the Chinese construction machinery industry and developed into 1 of the domestic industry’s largest, most influential, and most competitive enterprise groups with the most complete product varieties and series.

SOLID is ranked 65th in the list of China’s Top 500 Companies, 44th in the list of China’s Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises, and 2ND in the list of China’s Top 100 Machinery Manufacturers. SOLID is dedicated to its core value of “Taking Great Responsibilities, Acting With Great Morals, and Making Great Achievements” and its corporate spirit of being “Rigorous, Practical, Progressive, and Creative” in order to keep moving towards its ultimate goal of becoming a leading world-class enterprise capable of creating real value.

SOLID mainly supply Motor Grader ,Hoisting machinery, MiningMachinery Machinery, , Excavators, Loaders, Road Machinery, Piling Machinery, Non-Excavation Machinery, Concrete Machinery, Special Vehicle, Aerial Working Equipment, Sanitation Machinery, Fire-fighting Machinery, Tunnel Machinery, Resource Exploration Machinery, Port Machinery and so on

SOLID also is biggest agent of CZPT CZPT ,mainly supply CZPT and CZPT dump trucks ,Semi trailer ,dump trailer ,container trailer ,Oil tank trucks ,Synchronous Chip Seal Truck,Cement spreader trucks ,Intelligent asphalt spreading trucks,tipper trucks ,road sweeper trucks ,water tank trucks ,oil tank trucks ,truck mounted crane ,mining trucks ,tractor head trucks ,port trucks ,side lifting crane with trailer chassis ,concrete pump trucks ,mixer trucks , terminal tractor trucks ,heavy trailer and other transportation trucks.

SOLID products, including hydraulic vibratory road roller, excavators and motor graders, have successfully participated in the construction of the largest railway project in the Philippines, thanks to their outstanding performance and comprehensive after-sales service. These 3 types of machines have contributed to the project’s progress in an organized manner. During our on-site visits to customers, they expressed that SOLID products are reliable in quality, and the compact excavator equipped with a hydraulic breaker delivers excellent impact force. This effectively ensures the project’s advancement and contributes to its completion within the expected timeframe, providing additional momentum to the development of local livelihood projects.


After Sales Service


1,Our technicians will provide on-site service to customers in China. We will supply the whole day online service to foreign customers. According to foreign customer’s requirement, we will arrange technicians go abroad to install or maintenance the machine if necessary.
2. Within the warranty period and the machine parts damage under normal using condition, we will offer free new ones for replacement.
3. After the expiry of warranty, we can renewal of the contract, which can enjoy the same service as that during the warranty period




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After-sales Service: Engineer Service in Local
Warranty: 3 Year Wrranty
Type: Semi-Trailer
Load Capacity: 30T
Certification: ECE, GCC, CE, ISO9001, DOT, CCC, ISO/TS16949
Wheel Base: 8000-9000mm


Customized Request


Where can I buy axle seals for preventing fluid leaks in my vehicle’s axles?

When it comes to purchasing axle seals to prevent fluid leaks in your vehicle’s axles, there are several options available. Here are some places where you can buy axle seals:

1. Automotive Parts Stores:

Visit local automotive parts stores such as AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, or NAPA Auto Parts. These stores typically have a wide range of automotive seals, including axle seals, in stock. You can either visit the physical store or check their online catalogs to find the specific axle seal you need for your vehicle.

2. Dealerships:

If you prefer to purchase genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) axle seals, consider visiting a dealership authorized by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Dealerships often carry original parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle make and model. Contact your local dealership’s parts department to inquire about the availability of axle seals for your vehicle.

3. Online Retailers:

Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and RockAuto offer a wide range of automotive parts, including axle seals. These platforms provide the convenience of browsing and purchasing axle seals from the comfort of your home. Make sure to check the product details, specifications, and customer reviews before making a purchase.

4. Local Mechanics and Repair Shops:

Local mechanics and repair shops often have access to a variety of automotive seals, including axle seals. They can source and install the appropriate seals for your vehicle during maintenance or repair services. Reach out to trusted local mechanics or repair shops in your area and inquire about their availability and pricing for axle seals.

5. Manufacturer’s Online Stores:

Some vehicle manufacturers have their own online stores where you can purchase genuine OEM parts, including axle seals. Visit the official website of your vehicle’s manufacturer and look for their online parts store. You can search for the specific axle seal needed for your vehicle using your vehicle identification number (VIN) or the model details.

6. Salvage Yards:

If you are looking for cost-effective options or rare axle seals, salvage yards can be an option. Salvage yards specialize in selling used parts salvaged from vehicles. However, when purchasing from salvage yards, it’s important to carefully inspect the condition and compatibility of the axle seals to ensure they are suitable for your vehicle.

When purchasing axle seals, make sure to provide accurate information about your vehicle’s make, model, and year to ensure you get the correct seals that fit your vehicle’s axle specifications. Additionally, consider factors such as the quality of the seals, warranty options, and return policies when making your purchase decision.

Remember, if you are unsure about the specific axle seals required for your vehicle or need assistance with installation, it is recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic or technician who can guide you in selecting the right seals and ensure proper installation to prevent fluid leaks in your vehicle’s axles.


Can you provide insights into the advancements in axle technology in recent years?

In recent years, there have been significant advancements in axle technology to enhance performance, efficiency, and safety in vehicles. Here are some insights into the key advancements:

  1. Lightweight Materials:
  2. One notable advancement is the use of lightweight materials in axle construction. Manufacturers have increasingly utilized materials such as aluminum alloys and high-strength steels to reduce the weight of axles without compromising strength and durability. Lighter axles contribute to improved fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

  3. Electronic Differential:
  4. Electronic differentials, also known as eDiffs, have gained popularity in recent years. They utilize sensors, actuators, and control algorithms to monitor and distribute torque between the wheels more efficiently. Electronic differentials enhance traction, stability, and handling by actively managing torque distribution, especially in vehicles equipped with advanced stability control systems.

  5. Advanced Axle Bearings:
  6. Axle bearings have seen advancements in design and materials to reduce friction, improve efficiency, and enhance durability. For example, the use of roller bearings or tapered roller bearings has become more prevalent, offering reduced frictional losses and improved load-carrying capacity. Some manufacturers have also introduced sealed or maintenance-free bearings to minimize maintenance requirements.

  7. Electric Axles:
  8. With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles, electric axles have emerged as a significant technological advancement. Electric axles integrate electric motors, power electronics, and gear systems into the axle assembly. They eliminate the need for traditional drivetrain components, simplify vehicle packaging, and offer benefits such as instant torque, regenerative braking, and improved energy efficiency.

  9. Active Suspension Integration:
  10. Advancements in axle technology have facilitated the integration of active suspension systems into axle designs. Active suspension systems use sensors, actuators, and control algorithms to adjust the suspension characteristics in real-time, providing improved ride comfort, handling, and stability. Axles with integrated active suspension components offer more precise control over vehicle dynamics.

  11. Improved Sealing and Lubrication:
  12. Axles have seen advancements in sealing and lubrication technologies to enhance durability and minimize maintenance requirements. Improved sealing systems help prevent contamination and retain lubricants, reducing the risk of premature wear or damage. Enhanced lubrication systems with better heat dissipation and reduced frictional losses contribute to improved efficiency and longevity.

  13. Autonomous Vehicle Integration:
  14. The development of autonomous vehicles has spurred advancements in axle technology. Axles are being designed to accommodate the integration of sensors, actuators, and communication systems necessary for autonomous driving. These advancements enable seamless integration with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving features, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

It’s important to note that the specific advancements in axle technology can vary across different vehicle manufacturers and models. Furthermore, ongoing research and development efforts continue to drive further innovations in axle design, materials, and functionalities.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information on axle technology advancements, it is advisable to consult automotive manufacturers, industry publications, and reputable sources specializing in automotive technology.


How do solid axles differ from independent axles in terms of performance?

When comparing solid axles and independent axles in terms of performance, there are several key differences to consider. Both types of axles have their advantages and disadvantages, and their suitability depends on the specific application and desired performance characteristics. Here’s a comparison of solid axles and independent axles:

Aspect Solid Axles Independent Axles
Load-Bearing Capability Solid axles have high load-bearing capability due to their robust and sturdy construction. They can handle heavy loads and provide excellent stability, making them suitable for off-road vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and towing applications. Independent axles typically have lower load-bearing capability compared to solid axles. They are designed for lighter loads and offer improved ride comfort and handling characteristics. They are commonly used in passenger cars, sports cars, and vehicles with a focus on maneuverability and road performance.
Wheel Articulation Solid axles have limited wheel articulation due to their connected and rigid design. This can result in reduced traction and compromised wheel contact with the ground on uneven terrain. However, solid axles provide excellent traction in situations where the weight distribution on all wheels needs to be maintained, such as in off-road or rock-crawling applications. Independent axles offer greater wheel articulation as each wheel can move independently of the others. This allows the wheels to better conform to uneven terrain, maximizing traction and maintaining contact with the ground. Independent axles provide improved off-road capability, enhanced handling, and better ride comfort.
Ride Comfort Due to their rigid design, solid axles generally provide a stiffer and less compliant ride compared to independent axles. They transmit more road shocks and vibrations to the vehicle’s occupants, resulting in a rougher ride quality. Independent axles are known for providing better ride comfort. Each wheel can react independently to road imperfections, absorbing shocks and vibrations more effectively. This leads to a smoother and more comfortable ride, particularly on paved roads and surfaces with minor irregularities.
Handling and Stability Solid axles offer excellent stability due to their connected nature. They provide better resistance to lateral forces, making them suitable for high-speed stability and towing applications. However, the rigid axle design can limit overall handling and maneuverability, particularly in tight corners or during quick direction changes. Independent axles generally offer improved handling and maneuverability. Each wheel can react independently to steering inputs, allowing for better cornering performance and agility. Independent axles are commonly found in vehicles where precise handling and responsive steering are desired, such as sports cars and performance-oriented vehicles.
Maintenance and Repair Solid axles are relatively simpler in design and have fewer moving parts, making them easier to maintain and repair. They are often more resistant to damage and require less frequent servicing. However, if a component within the axle assembly fails, the entire axle may need to be replaced. Independent axles are typically more complex in design and have multiple moving parts, such as control arms, CV joints, or bearings. This complexity can result in higher maintenance and repair costs. However, if a failure occurs, only the affected component needs to be replaced, reducing repair expenses compared to replacing the entire axle.

It’s important to note that advancements in suspension and axle technologies have resulted in various hybrid systems that combine features of solid and independent axles. These systems aim to provide a balance between load-bearing capability, wheel articulation, ride comfort, and handling performance based on specific application requirements.

In summary, solid axles excel in load-bearing capability, stability, and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications and off-road conditions. Independent axles offer improved ride comfort, better wheel articulation, enhanced handling, and maneuverability, making them suitable for passenger cars and vehicles focused on road performance. The choice between solid axles and independent axles depends on the specific needs and priorities of the vehicle or machinery.

China manufacturer China CZPT CZPT Trailer with CZPT Axles for Cargo Loading Transport   axle deadliftChina manufacturer China CZPT CZPT Trailer with CZPT Axles for Cargo Loading Transport   axle deadlift
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