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China factory Silent Chains for Engine Timing CL04D-4×5W CL05D-4×4W CL05D-3×4W near me manufacturer

Silent Chains for Engine Timing

A silent chain for engine timing is mainly used for automobile engine timing systems. The chain is the critical engine component with excellent performance, high strength, durability, silencing, etc.


Chain No. Pitch Chain
Number of plates Ultimate
per meter
P b1 min d2 max L max h2 max t max T max n Q min q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kg/m
CL04D-4×5W 6.35 7.6 2.40 11.70 6.95 1.2 0.75 Outside 9(4X5) 12.4/2790 0.38
CL05D-4×4W 8.00 7.6 2.92 11.78 9.59 1.3 1.04 Outside 8(4X4) 16.5/3712 0.51
CL05D-3×4W 8.00 6.5 2.92 10.48 9.59 1.3 1.04 Outside 7(3X4) 12.4/2790 0.45

The silent chain is constructed using metal links held in place by cylindrical pins. This type of chain is featured in the Ford engine developing the ILSAC GF-6 chain wear test.

It is a standard design with many advantages:

  • Simplicity
  • Lower cost
  • Low chain noise

The roller chain is a more complex system designed to reduce friction, in which link pins are reinforced by roller support (or bushing) that accommodates freely rotating steel rollers. However, this type has several disadvantages:

  • Expensive to manufacture
  • Rapid wear if particles become trapped
  • Significant chain noise

An automobile engine’s timing chain system is used to adjust the movement timing of each component to operate the “intake” process correctly → compression → combustion→ engine “exhaust.”
HZPT automotive engine timing chain system has won a high reputation for meeting the stringent requirements of high-power, compact and high-performance engines, such as excellent wear resistance, fatigue strength, and quietness. In particular, for the 6.35mm pitch silent chain and diesel engine roller chain that is first used in small car engines worldwide, we lead the global auto engine chain market with our unique surface treatment technology.

 Application of Silent Timing Chains 

With the development of the automobile industry, the timing chain of the hzpt automobile engine continues to progress. It has excellent wear resistance, fatigue strength, quietness, and impact toughness, and meets some requirements of today’s high-output, compact, high-performance engines. It has high reliability.
In particular, our 6.35mm pitch automobile engine silent chain has been used in automobiles for the first time worldwide and has been using our unique surface treatment technology.

Related Sprockets and Chains

Sprockets fit our entire conveyor chain range.

The drive chain and the conveying chain are driven by sprockets. The uniform distribution of power depends on the precise transmission between the sprocket teeth and the chain rollers or bushes.

Because sprockets significantly impact the chain’s life, all challenging sprockets (from casting to precision mechanical cutting) are manufactured according to strict tolerances and quality control. We also recommend that all customers replace the sprocket when replacing the chain to maximize the chain life.

Chain factory

Hzpt was founded in 1972. It is 1 of the earliest and most competitive manufacturers in the domestic chain industry and metallurgical manufacturing of steel chains. It mainly produces chains, sprockets, couplings, non-standard complete sets of equipment, dummy ingot chains, non-ferrous casting, and copper product processing. The coverage rate of chain varieties and specifications ranks among the top in China. It is a large-scale machinery manufacturer integrating design, development, production, and sales. It has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification.

The company has advanced production lines and exquisite testing equipment, introduced advanced manufacturing technology from Japan, and cooperated with Hitachi Machinery Co., Ltd. for a long time. The products are designed by CAD and CMA, and high-quality materials and advanced heat treatment processing methods are selected. The products comply with ISO, ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS, and other standards. The product performance meets customers’ requirements in developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan.
“Tuanjie” brand chain products are well-known brands. The enterprise always adheres to the production and management philosophy of pursuing high-quality products, first-class products, and customer satisfaction and strives to make “Tuanjie” brand chain products into high-quality, high-grade, high-quality chains. It actively participates in domestic and international market competition. Its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, such as Finland, Australia, the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. The factory insists on promoting the core competitiveness of the enterprise with enterprise culture and scientific and technological innovation to establish a good social image in the development of the enterprise. It pursues the business purpose of “treating each other with sincerity and winning with excellence” and strives to build a century-old chain and a world brand.

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